Use Cases

Epsis TeamBox is a flexible solution and its functionality can be mixed-and-matched for a variety of business segments.
The Epsis TeamBox platform is a versatile toolset that is a valuable enabler in any Integrated Operations, Operational Excellence or Process Improvement project. Within any operational environment it can help improve HSSE conformance and provide significant savings by improving operational discipline and enhancing existing ways of working.

Epsis TeamBox can be combined with existing business components (IT systems, hardware and/or processes) to provide a number of business-specific capabilities.

One of the key benefits of Epsis TeamBox is that these capabilities can be deployed, all together or individually, at a pace that fits with current business programmes or initiatives.

The following sections give a general insight in to a number of TeamBox-enabled capabilities, however there are some more specific use cases available below.

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Oil & Gas Production

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Oil & Gas Drilling

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Epsis TeamBox platform – an enabler in Integrated Operations Centre

Scheduled Activities

The primary function of Epsis TeamBox is to create and execute Orchestrated Workflows. These are pre-defined sequences of activities that provide structure to everyday business tasks. Each step in a workflow launches one or more application/data source, and/or collaboration tool, and presents them in predefined layouts on display(s).

Why this adds value?

  • Make better, faster decisions
  • Unstructured activities are transformed into repeatable KPI generating events
  • Efficiency gains (one click to step into task)
  • Repeatability and consistency of process and use of data
  • Ensuring operational excellence; best-practice workflows are being implemented and made easy to use
  • Collaborative sessions are integrated effortlessly

Event Driven Activities

The Epsis TeamBox workflow engine enables users to respond to non-scheduled events (triggers from dashboards or alarm systems etc.) by immediately opening the necessary applications, sharing them with the appropriate people and launching any required collaboration tools. A fully-featured WebAPI gives the option of embedding these workflows within existing dashboards, portals, surveillance displays or touch panels.

Why this adds value?

  • Consistent event response
  • Make better, faster decisions
  • Process adherence
  • Transforming passive dashboards and surveillance displays into active tools to manage the business
  • Truly integrate multi-disciplinary teams and their processes

Multi-mode Surveillance Walls

Many video walls are set-up to show the same information 24/7. Events are dealt with in breakout rooms – focussing on the issue at hand, but losing oversight of the rest of the operation. Use an Epsis TeamBox workflow to populate the video wall and, when an event occurs, execute another workflow that brings the event data in to focus but that keeps other data in view.

Why this adds value?

  • Increased organizational resilience
  • Supports ad-hoc collaboration
  • Limit effect of unplanned events
  • Displays live applications
  • Truly integrate multi-disciplinary teams and their processes

Surveillance and Analysis

The Epsis TeamBox workflow engine assists and structures the day-to-day activities of an engineer by automating and simplifying preparation and analysis before, during and after status review meetings. This allows engineers to work more effectively and provides a repository for capturing some of the expert knowledge of experienced engineers.

Why this adds value?

  • Efficiency gains (one click to step into task)
  • Repeatability and consistency of process and use of data
  • Make better, faster decisions
  • Process adherence

Situational Awareness

Businesses have more data than can be displayed on available information screens. With the use of simple scripting, Epsis TeamBox can repeatedly cycle through various information sources (real-time and static) to passively increase a team’s understanding of what’s going on. These Situational Awareness displays keep everyone aware of events, trigger responses and reduce the need to interrupt others for commonly requested information.

Why this adds value?

  • Allows Senior Management instant access to real-time critical information
  • Displays live applications
  • Brings together cross-discipline data as a digital wallpaper
  • More aware = less surprises

One Click Meeting

Significant time and resources are wasted in meetings; particularly at the beginning when information needs to be found and collaboration technology connected. Epsis TeamBox provides a true “one-click meeting” capability by not only initiating video conference calls but by opening the information needed at each agenda item and sharing it with remote participants.

Why this adds value?

  • The meeting is ready to go as soon as you sit down
  • The information you need, where you need it, when you need
  • Consistent use of business systems and data sources
  • Integrates collaboration tools, data and processes

Deeper Business Integration With a Flexible API

Integration of people, process and technology is a key application of Epsis TeamBox. A powerful API takes this one stage further, allowing businesses to integrate the power of Epsis TeamBox within their processes, hardware and software.

Why this adds value?

  • Embed a GET call within a mapping application (Google Maps) and give users asset specific data instantly
  • Create smart dashboards that turn status indicator icons into active calls for the data that is driving the icon AND any other supporting data
  • Add options within touch panels controlling a meeting room to execute workflows to open all the information required for the meeting
  • Create soft portals that provide users with filtered access to their workflows and removes the need for the Epsis TeamBox GUI