The Office of Tomorrow

Today’s offices are typically not able to cope with modern ways of working. We approach the information we need to do the tasks at hand differently depending on location. At our desk, we access information through the network or locally on the PC. In meeting rooms we have a different type of “kit” – Audio/Visual solution not connected to the corporate network and with its own user interface - quite different from what we are used to in our private space. In common areas digital signage solutions shows overviews and statistics that are relevant – but for a large group of people. The information is certainly not relevant for specific tasks at hand on the personal level.

In short – the various “dots” are not well connected.

At Epsis, we can help modernize this, and create tomorrow’s offices today.

Here are some key characteristics that may be implemented utilizing Epsis TeamBox in your offices:

  • A way of getting all the information you need for a task onto the screens – regardless of number of screens at the location
  • You can have the information follow you – and get onto the screens as you move from one room to the other. Regardless of your location in the office, any screen in front of you can act as your personal screen without the need for a mouse and keyboard
  • Repetitive tasks can be preconfigured to save time when doing them – A click of a button will populate the screens with the required information regardless of where it’s coming from
  • Uniform way of working across the office floor

This will help you connect all the “dots” in your office space, and help implementing the way of working that you want – not the one governed by today’s technology constraints.

We deliver tomorrow’s offices today together with our partners (see our partner list).

To do so, we use our patented technology platform – Epsis TeamBox (visit our product page).