Business Improvement

The operating environment of businesses has changed dramatically over the last few decades. Technology has had an enormous impact; generating vast amounts of new data, introducing new ways of working and new ways of connecting with colleagues and customers. The only constant in all this change is change itself.

As the number of components or nodes grows, the connections needed to remain efficient grows at a seemingly exponential rate. Traditional business improvement initiatives focus on ensuring processes are working efficiently, or to put it another way – the connection between two nodes is as straight as possible.

At Epsis, we approach this in a different manner. We analyze a number of connected nodes, removing unnecessary connections and improving the remaining connections. And we do it an agile and effective manner using our patented technology platform – Epsis TeamBox. For more information about Epsis TeamBox click here.

Here are some key characteristics of our approach. These help our client realize value from business improvement projects:

  • Ways of working is more important than processes and/or procedures alone. How will the team work? What information will they need? How will the technology support them? How will the environment support the ways of working? These are key questions we address when helping clients improve the business
  • This allows the changing the ways of working in a modular way (a small starts and easy adoption, rather than “Big Bang”) and is flexible to allow the ways of working to grow and evolve with the changing business environment
  • We believe in agile process development – ensuring end-user buy-in and short time between process development and execution
  • The days of developing a weighty process manual that gathers dust are therefore gone. Businesses want results and a system that evolves with it. Operationalising processes is a key in our approach
  • Legacy systems are here to stay, no matter what the software vendors might want. Integrated ways of working need to be able to integrate the old with the new, without large IT integration projects

In sum, this provides for a systems approach to re-engineering the business – improving performance and underpinning operational excellence.

This video shows business improvement in an operating environment.

Our Use Cases within drilling and production show the effect this approach has within the oil and gas domain.