Epsis TeamBox Sources

For an enterprise to operate effectively, having the right data at the right time and being able to use that data in an effective manner is key.
The Sources module is the control centre for all sources connected to an Epsis TeamBox PC, whether these are directly connected through video capture cards (a MacOS or Linux PC, an Apple TV or a 3rd party laptop), content shared from another Epsis TeamBox PC using the Publisher module, or a network sources such as a CCTV or IP Cameras. Full integration with the other Epsis TeamBox modules allows users to incorporate these sources in to workflows with other information systems or share them using the Collaboration or Publisher modules.

Key Features

  • Intuitive selection of available Sources from thumbnail previews in the Sources panel
  • Simple drag and drop to layouts defined in the Environment module
  • Input sources can be configured to open automatically once a data stream is detected
  • Optional encrypted authentication for video streams available on the intranet
  • Sharing of sources can be restricted for selected (e.g. external) participants in a collaboration session

Supported Sources

  • Direct - connected to the Epsis TeamBox PC via video capture cards. This provides some clear advantages since any device can be displayed, regardless of platform. Displaying Linux applications on a Windows-driven video wall and sharing it with remote participants is easy. Connect an Apple TV box and any Apple device can be displayed and shared with other participants
  • Network - CCTV cameras, external weather cameras or any other live IP stream
  • Published – shared over the corporate network by another Epsis TeamBox client using the Publisher module to display specific applications, displays or entire desktops

For more technical information click here to view the Sources Datasheet.