Epsis TeamBox Consultancy Services

Supporting clients to get the most out of their investment in Epsis TeamBox

The Epsis consulting division helps assist our customers in maximizing and utilizing the full potential of Epsis TeamBox within their organization.

Our consultants have 4 main roles:

  • Ensure an understanding of the benefits of Epsis TeamBox and its place as a part of a larger business process orchestration and/or collaboration initiative
  • Support all phases of project delivery, from the development of a business case or project brief, in effect pre-award, through to ensuring continued use and evolution of a live, deployed solution
  • Deliver training on how to use Epsis TeamBox
  • Enable feedback between the clients and the product development team

Project Delivery

As a software platform, Epsis TeamBox can be used to achieve a wide range of business goals. The role of the Epsis consultant, particularly early on in the relationship with a client, is to understand which business goals are driving the interest in Epsis TeamBox, to give an overview of our experiences in projects with similar goals and to explain and document where Epsis TeamBox can be utilized.

Epsis TeamBox is usually delivered within a project environment; though the scale of the project can be anything from a meeting room upgrade to a multi-site business transformation programme. Epsis Consultants are able to support clients through all the phases of a project regarding the role of Epsis TeamBox. Our consultants have years of experience in Digital Oilfields, IT technical architecture, collaboration, management of change, project management, the conceptual design of physical environments and custom application design using the Epsis TeamBox Web API. This breadth of experience allows our clients to use Epsis consultants to strengthen their own teams, to fill roles they may not have in their own teams or even, very occasionally, have Epsis manage and execute the whole project.

The initial and final phases can be particularly important for an organization to get the most out of investing in Epsis TeamBox. The initial phase can be used to not only set the scope of the first project, but to develop a roadmap that defines incremental deliveries and set expectations for the business goals that will be met later. Experience has shown that this incremental approach produces value earlier, is easier to manage, and helps focus the project team. The final phase when the project has gone live and the solution is in operation is the opportunity for regular monitoring to ensure the solution is being used as expected and to make adjustments as required.

Training workshops

The Consultancy team also offers training workshops for our clients on-site or at locations of their choosing. TeamBox is a simple but powerful tool. A one day training session is sufficient to enable users to create and define workflows including specific applications and reports, define layouts and to create “one click meeting” workflows increasing overall collaboration efficiency and effectiveness.