Epsis TeamBox Publisher

In a modern business, sharing ideas and information between people and across geographically dispersed locations is a key capability. Epsis TeamBox enables users to share all or part of their desktop with other users on the same network. The Publisher module gives users full control to share a part or their entire desktop with one or more participants. The intuitive interface allows pixel perfect sharing. Simply select a participant and click to start publishing. Do away with cables on meeting room tables and have multiple people sharing at the same time. Clutter-free, fast and secure.

Key Features

  • Share whole desktop, single display or single Epsis TeamBox Workspace with any other user on the same network
  • Automate publishing by including this as an action within a workflow
  • Grant read only or write access to users or machines that you are sharing to
  • Number of shared sources displayed is only limited by available screen real estate
  • Zoom the shared image to improve viewing experience
  • Pixel for pixel image sharing (at 100% zoom)
  • Receiver gets visual notification when a new published source is available
  • Full control of publishing participants with “Publish to” list
  • Session information (number of publishing sessions, participant viewing or not viewing)
  • Reduce complexity in meeting and collaboration rooms by removing hardware (cables, matrix switches, etc)

For more technical information click here to view the Publisher Datasheet.