Epsis TeamBox Environment

Modern businesses have many more applications to view than displays available to view them on. To alleviate this, the Epsis TeamBox Environment module introduces logical displays, giving greater control of screen real estate.
In order to present information to be displayed in an optimal manner, the Environment module enables each collection of physical displays (an environment) to be configured in a layout with multiple logical displays (workspaces).
For flexibility, the position of information can be changed on the fly by simply dragging and dropping the workspace in to the layout wireframe.

Key Features

  • Environment Editor allows users to create, edit and delete screen layouts in seconds
  • Detection of physical displays connected to the PC
  • Usable pixel area is not locked to physical screens – can be smaller or larger
  • Layout can be changed without interrupting current activity
  • Integration with Workflow module to allows information for each work step to be presented optimally for the physical displays available. Allows users to easily change locations, e.g. Home Office, Office, Meeting Rooms, etc
  • Settings stored in central database enabling support teams to set up environments for all locations from their desks
  • Environment “sensing” feature where user is warned if there is a mismatch between environments selected and matched manually or automatically

For more technical information click here to view the Environment Datasheet.