Epsis TeamBox Editions

Epsis TeamBox is a flexible software solution that comes in two licensed and one free edition. The different Epsis TeamBox editions are described below.

Enterprise edition:
The Enterprise edition of Epsis TeamBox is designed for meeting rooms, operations centres or any other collaborative work environment. The open license is tied to a specific Windows PC, but is available for all users of the room/centre to use. This edition comes with the Workflow, Environment, Sources and Publisher modules as standard. The Conference and Collaboration modules can be optionally included if the functionality is required in the room.

Personal edition:
The Personal edition of Epsis TeamBox is intended for individuals. It includes the Workflow, Collaboration, Environment, Sources and Publisher modules. It is very unusual for individuals to need to integrate with video codecs from their desk; therefore the Conference Module is not available in this edition. The Personal edition is a named license; it is associated with a specific user, on a specific device.

Lite edition:
The Lite edition of Epsis TeamBox is a free to download client that will allow a user to join a Collaboration session initiated by a Epsis TeamBox user.
Click here to download the lite client.