Epsis TeamBox Changelogs

Version 6.2.0

27. May 2016

The main features in this release are added features within the Publisher, Workflow, Environment modules as well as moving settings and configurations into the Admin Tool. In addition to the main features, there has also been changes and improvements to the overall system that we feel will improve the user experience.

Important Changes:

  • Epsis TeamBox General
    Support for Russian language.
  • Workflow Module
    Unicode support.
    Recent list that is available from the taskbar.
    A new workflow control interface that is available when mouse is hovering over the Epsis TeamBox taskbar icon.
    Improved workflow search.
  • Conference Module
    Support for Polycom RPG codec has been added.
  • Admin Module
    New settings have been added to change the Epsis TeamBox display language.
    Environment admin access has been moved from Data Service to Admin module. Here you can specify users or groups that will have rights to manage Environments in Epsis TeamBox.
  • Data Service
    A new data service GUI has been introduced to simplify install and settings management for Epsis Data Service.

Version 6.1.0

14. March 2016

The main features in this release are added features within the Publisher, Workflow, Environment modules as well as moving settings and configurations into the Admin Tool. In addition to the main features, there has also been changes and improvements to the overall system that we feel will improve the user experience.

Important Changes:

  • Publisher Module
    Write access added. When publishing to someone, you can now grant them writeaccess to your published screen/display.
  • Workflow Module
    Automatically publish to users or machines when starting a workflow.
  • Environment Module
    Environment “Auto sensing” of different screen configurations. When a user has selected an environment (not default), and there are changes in resolution or number of screens environment, a dialog box will appear. This dialog box will tell the user that their environment is not matching the one selected in TeamBox and a drop-down list will be shown with available suiting environments.
  • Admin Module
    Enhanced centralized management features added.
    Machine settings are now made graphically visible through the admin-tool. Configure one specific machine or all machines.
    Administrators are now able to configure API service, environment mismatching behavior, vide conference and SharePoint through the Admin-tool.

Version 6-0-0

6. June 2015

Epsis TeamBox 6 introduces Workflow libraries to govern workflow read/write access for users and groups. It is also now possible to create private workflows that are only visible to you. Input sources now have an option to automatically open when streaming is detected. Published sources now support scaling of the viewer content.
There is a new administration tool called Epsis TeamBox Admin to manage Workflow libraries and to specify connection settings for Collaboration server and Presence service. We also introduced a new service called Epsis Data Service to make the database access more secure and to authenticate user access to Workflow libraries.

Important Changes:

  • Workflow changes
    The user has now the possibility to create private Workflows that are only visible to the user. Workflow libraries introduces specific defined control of who is allowed to create or run workflows. This access is managed by the Epsis TeamBox Admin.
  • Epsis TeamBox Admin
    Epsis TeamBox Admin is a new administration tool of the Epsis TeamBox clients. The main feature is the management of Workflow libraries and workflow access. Another important feature is a centralized management of services used by the Epsis TeamBox clients.
  • Epsis Data Service
    A new service that manages access to the data in the database and authorizes access to the Workflow libraries.
  • Input source and Published Source
    Input sources now have a new option to open automatically when streaming is detected. Published sources can now be scaled by right clicking in the viewer.

Version 5-4-0

31. January 2014

Epsis TeamBox version 5.4 introduces an entirely new pixel engine for Publisher Module that allows for quicker and smoother ways of displaying information.
Support for Polycom HDX-series conferencing systems has been added to the Conference Module.

Important Changes:

  • Publisher changes
    A new pixel engine has been integrated to increase the performance of the Publisher Module. A configuration setting now allows you to reduce the image quality of your incoming publishing sessions; this will benefit users which have a lower bandwidth connection.
  • Polycom Support
    Epsis TeamBox version 5.4 now supports Polycom HDX series Conferencing systems. The Conference Module will perform in the same exact manner at it would with a Cisco system, withj the exception of theLayout and Self View features which are not supported due to lack of support in the Polycom API.
  • Presence Service changes
    Some changes had to be made to the Presence Service contract. This means that there are some compatibility-issues. We strongly recommend that every client is upgraded from 5.3 to 5.4, even if a publishing session appears to be working as expected.

Version 5-3-0

29. November 2013

This release of the Epsis TeamBox software introduces Epsis Presence Service, a new server connection that brings new functionality and usability to the Publisher feature. 5.3 also introduces a SSH encryption conference feature for the Tandberg C Series.

Important Changes:

  • Epsis Presence Service
    This is a new server connection for the Publisher feature. Epsis Presence Service runs as a Windows service and can be installed on any workstation or server. Epsis Presence Service opens for publishing between different subnets, and the presence server connection can be established between different subnets as well. The list of clients in Publisher is retrieved from the Presence Server by sending notifications for connected and disconnected clients, however only connected clients will be visible in Publisher. The Epsis Presence Service and Epsis TeamBox software comes in different installation packages.
  • Tandberg C Series SSH
    Tandberg C Series SSH is a new encrypted line to make your conference calls more secure.
  • Exclude Taskbar
    Environment settings now allows for the option of excluding the taskbar on your displays. This means the layout will be adjusted as to not exceed the taskbar.

Version 5-2-0

10. May 2013

This release of the Epsis Teambox Software introduces new functionality, usability features and functionality improvements. The “one-click-meeting” feature and functionality has been added. This allows actions to be triggered as part of the workflow. Currently two actions are available, collaboration action and conference action. This allows enables the user to create and run a workflow that will automatically enable a collaboration session and/or conference calls to be made at the start of the workflow. For other feature enhancements please see section 2.3.
To upgrade to TeamBox version 5.2 a database upgrade is required. Details are explained in section 2.4.

Important Changes:

  • Collaboration action feature
    This new feature allows a workflow to start a configured collaboration session every time a workflow starts. The collaboration session will end when the workflow is closed.
  • Conference action feature
    This new feature allows a workflow to use the connected video-conference system to call a set of pre-defined contacts. The calls will be made when the workflow starts and end when the workflow is closed.
  • Status indicators
    The main window will now display visual indicators when running workflow, videoconference and collaboration sessions. (Publisher had indicators from version 5.1). This will help users to see what is running just by looking at the main window.
  • Copy Workflow
    We have added the possibility to create a copy of another workflow. This may be very useful when you need to create several workflows and these have elements in common.

Version 5-1-0

20. December 2012

This is a release for Epsis TeamBox introducing the new Publisher feature. This feature allows users of Epsis TeamBox software with Sources license to publish their desktop to other users running the software. The feature is available via a new icon in the Main Window and as a source when being published to.
No database upgrade is required when upgrading from version 5.0.

Important Changes:

  • Publisher feature
    The new publisher feature allows users of Epsis TeamBox software with Sources license to publish their desktop to other users of the software on the same network.
  • Workflow
    Fixed bug: When deleting a workflow the wrong name was shown in the dialog.
  • VideoConference
    Changed name on plugin to Conference and minor changes in GUI.
    Fixed issue when controlling camera after Codec upgrade.
  • Collaboration
    Improvements in sharing services when changing resolution, computer lock screen etc.
    Changed icon in Main Window.

Version 5-0-0

15. August 2012

This is a major release for Epsis TeamBox. User interface is improved and changed from previous version (4.x). Some function is deprecated due to new and improved functionality. Database needs to be upgraded, and old version/client will not be able to connect to new database. It is still possible to collaborate across version and the lightweight client is still on the EraConnect 4.x format.

Important Changes:

  • Collaboration server
    The internal Collaboration server is deprecated.
  • New License key
    New License keys have to be registered when installing Epsis TeamBox 5.0.
  • Database changes
    Epsis TeamBox 5.0 needs an upgrade of database.
  • Workspace handling
    A workspace is now connected directly to workflows/steps in a “one to one” connection. In previous version one workspace could be linked in to several workflows. You could now edit a workspace in a workflow without interfering with other workflows or steps.