Epsis TeamBox API

Integration of people, process and technology is a key application of Epsis TeamBox. A powerful API takes this one stage further, allowing businesses to integrate the power of Epsis TeamBox within their processes, hardware and software.
Epsis TeamBox’s API provides programmatic access to workflow listing and navigation. The API uses the REST interface with communication over HTTP and all data is sent and received as JSON. The API supports Cross Origin Resource Sharing for AJAX requests. API calls can be made remotely from any application that can execute a http call or locally from any computer running the TeamBox client. Remote Epsis TeamBox API calls are secured by either SSL encryption or by Windows Authentication.

API-enabled Epsis TeamBox Integration Examples

  • Execute a process and open the relevant information and applications straight from a hyperlink within the process manual
  • Embed a GET call within a mapping application and give users asset specific data instantly
  • Create smart dashboards that turn status indicator icons into active calls for the data that is driving the icon AND any other supporting data
  • Add options within touch panels controlling a meeting room to execute workflows to open all the information required for the meeting
  • Create soft portals that provide users with filtered access to their workflows and removes the need for the Epsis TeamBox GUI

For more technical information click here to view the TeamBox API Datasheet.