TeamBox Admin Tool

The deeper Epsis TeamBox is deployed within an enterprise, the greater value it can deliver. Management of a large user base becomes a key consideration. To this end the Admin tool enables easy administration of all Epsis TeamBox clients within the enterprise.
The Admin tool allows administrators and support teams to centrally manage the connections to the services used by Epsis TeamBox clients, create and manage membership of workflow libraries and set permissions for viewing and editing workflows and environments.

Key Features

  • Allows centralized administration of Epsis TeamBox functionality within the enterprise
  • Configure specific selected machines or all machines
  • Allows setting up multiple Data Services for departments with different needs
  • Centrally configures Collaboration and Presence Service connections for Epsis TeamBox clients
  • Manage access rights to workflow libraries and environments on a granular level by using Active Directory users and group authentication

Services controlled by the TeamBox Admin Tool:

  • Data Service - stores settings and configurations for Epsis TeamBox clients; specifically the address of the Presence Service, Collaboration Service and the database that holds the workflow and environment settings and data
  • Presence Service - enables the Publisher module to share over the local network and subnets. The service keeps track of connected clients and exchanges the information necessary to initiate a publishing session
  • Collaboration Service - enables Epsis TeamBox clients to create sharing sessions with each other. Epsis TeamBox clients are not required to be connected to the same Collaboration Service to join sharing sessions

For more technical information click here to view the Admin-Tool Datasheet.