Epsis TeamBox

With Epsis TeamBox you get a flexible solution that connects and visualize information required to carry out tasks in a normal workday. Better decision-making and operational excellence has never been easier to achieve.

Epsis Teambox provides structure in the process of connecting applications, documents, people and processes. As a result, value is created by decisions being made earlier on a broader information basis, operational discipline is promoted and continuous improvement made easier. This results in better utilization of exiting systems and reduce the need for new investments.

Epsis TeamBox resides on a Windows workstation and allows you to orchestrate and visualize real time applications, information and sources, and define and control how they are presented. Both onsite and remote users can easily be involved on the click of one button.

Epsis TeamBox is a scalable and flexible solution allowing various types of implementations based on your business needs. Manage day to day processes and routines on your desk, provide real time information for situational awareness in common areas or power all the activities and tasks in an Integrated Operation Centre (IOC).

To learn more about Epsis TeamBox as a whole have a look at our product sheet.

TeamBox integrated meeting-rooms in Halliburton.

All your data is just one click away.

Workflow real time data orchestration.


Workflow Libraries:

  • Groups departmental or functional workflows
  • Controls workflow access rights via Active Directory groups and/or user names
  • Managed from the Epsis TeamBox Admin tool

Workflows Manager:

  • Open, advance or refresh workflows
  • Delete, copy or edit workflows
  • Filter favourite workflows
  • Search for workflows
  • Mini-player mode minimises impact on screen real estate
  • Workflow-controls may be embedded in other applications using the API

Workflows Editor:

  • Drag & drop workflow creation from Windows Explorer
  • Can address and display all common applications, e.g. Lync, Skype, Share Point, Excel, Word, SAP, PI Processbook, etc
  • No software integration required
  • Add actions, such as videoconference calls or sharing sessions directly to the workflow, for fast one-click activities or meetings
  • Add external hardware sources to a workflow (document cameras, smart boards, etc)
  • Configure workflows to present data to make best use of the screens available in different locations

For more technical information click here to view the Workflow Datasheet.

Epsis TeamBox Supporting Modules

Environment Icon


Enables each collection of physical displays to be configured in a layout with multiple logical displays

Conference Icon


Brings video conference functionality to TeamBox enabling the user to control the codec from the desktop

Publisher Icon


Gives users full control to share a part or their entire desktop with one or more participants

Sources Icon


Control centre for all sources connected to a workstation or laptop running Epsis TeamBox