About Epsis

At Epsis, we believe in connecting everything!

In business, everything is connected formally or informally through systems and processes. Our people, our business processes, our data, information and all underlying systems, it all need to come together in what we do every day. To perform our tasks, to do analysis, to respond to alarm or alerts, to make decision or to operate systems or equipment.

Unfortunately, we are far from a state where all these connections are structured and utilized sufficiently. The different systems communicate poorly and data are typically not fully integrated – no matter how hard we try there is always something missing. Important and required “dots” is not included in the picture. As systems are getting smarter, there will be even more dots to connect. New “dots” and “dots” from our legacy systems need to blend seamlessly in order to be effective.

At Epsis we help our clients connecting all the dots. All the information, systems, processes and people that are needed while doing business activities. That is our mission. Our technology, solutions and advisory services are all developed and deployed with that in mind.

While our main focus has been in the Oil and Gas industry, with clients such as Chevron, Statoil, ConocoPhillips, Total and Halliburton, we are increasingly engaging with other sectors such as mining, construction, healthcare and the public sector.

Epsis has its headquarters in Bergen, Norway.

Vision & Values

Epsis’ vision is to be the thought leader for our clients when it comes to “connecting everything” within business operation.

We do this by providing solutions and consulting services to our clients to deliver changes in operational performance, collaboration, information management, decision-making and new ways of working. This result in increased revenue, reduced downtime and improved cost savings.

We deliver our solutions through living our values:

Customer Focus:
We strive to sustain strong customer relationships and work as a collaborative business partner. Building customer trust is key to our business.

Company of Integrity:
We know that our conduct and actions provide the foundation of our reputation. We believe in doing what’s right, complying with regulations and adhering to laws, customs and cultures.

Innovative Technologies:
We aim to differentiate ourselves by providing innovative solutions that simplify the way we all work.

We believe in collaboration – all our main achievements are made through collaborative team efforts. Together Everyone Achieves More.

We strive to provide our customers with the highest possible quality of products and services.

Investor Relations

At Epsis, we believe in connecting everything! We help our clients connect all their «dots» of information, people, process and technology – in practice and in everyday operations. We do this by providing our technology platform, Epsis TeamBox, or solutions and our advisory services. We have a proven track record of supporting our clients in delivering real changes in operational performance, collaboration, information management, decision-making and new ways of working; resulting in increased revenue, reduced downtime and improved cost savings.

Epsis AS is a Norwegian based technology and service company with headquarters in Bergen, Norway.

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