Greenfield Development

Development of a new oil & gas field is a unique opportunity to design for future oriented operating models that are robust even at low oil prices. Over the last years EPSIS Business Advisory has acquired substantial experience from assisting operators in greenfield development projects.

Integrated Operations (IO) is a key enabler for reducing both CAPEX and OPEX, and a strategy for this should be included already in the earliest phases of the Project Development Process. IO enables innovative development concepts and operating models with low, or no permanent offshore manning, optimized plant availability through Condition Based and Predictive, and optimized production. Operating models are based on application of new technology and collaboration across geographic and organizational boundaries. Due to the long time horizon of Field Development it is important to make the solutions “future proof” with regards to the rapid development within information and communication technology.

Epsis Business advisory offers a unique methodology, developed through experience, for assisting the Operators in including IO at the appropriate level of detail for each phase of the Field Development.